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Jersey Walk Adventures

Take a walk on the seabed to Seymour or Icho Tower 

Explore a world that is covered up to 12 metres / 40 feet of ocean twice a day.

Guided walks on the seabed to Seymour Tower

Join us on our guided walks to Seymour Tower and walks on the seabed

Explore gullies, cross sand bars and rock pools on a walk to Seymour Tower or Icho Tower off the southeastern corner of Jersey.

Discover the island’s very own wilderness area in the company of trained guides. Revel in the stillness and expanse of an area that is covered twice a day by the third highest tides in the world.

Learn about the fishing history of the area, or just enjoy the chance to be in a wild and remote place.

Walks to Seymour Tower are sometimes described as “moonwalks”. Though the landscape might look barren, it is teeming with marine life and has a rich maritime history. In 2000 the area was declared a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention.

Experience the intertidal zone where marine life must survive the extremes of water pressure and being marooned high and dry for hours out of the ocean.

Jersey walk adventures

Snakelock sea anemone

“Moonwalks” to Seymour Tower take place during the day and at night on very low tides. It is only possible to walk to Icho Tower on very low tides.

Walk among the stars

Try a late evening bioluminescence walk and observe tiny creatures in the water and the sea weed, which glow in the dark like fireflies or glow worms.

This is a unique experience for anyone who enjoys walking in Jersey.

Stay in Seymour Tower

GTBS Gold for guided walks in JerseyFor the more adventurous we can arrange day and overnight stays in the historic Seymour Tower, completely surrounded by the ocean at high tide.

Note: Due to the huge 12 m/40 ft tides you should not venture this area, unless you have local knowledge.

French and German commentary possible if reserved in advance.

Jersey Kayak and Walk Adventures.Winner of the Jersey Enterprise Environment award 2013.Eco and Green tourism in jerseyJersey Kayak and Jersey Walk Adventures – Sea kayaking and heritage guided walking holidays in Jersey Channel islands.

Winners of the Jersey Enterprise Environmental Credentials Award.

Jersey Tourism trained guides lead all walks.

Watch  the videos to learn more about our guided walks on the seabed.

Green Tourism Business scheme- Gold award.


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