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Blue Rayed Limpets on the Violet Bank

February 12th, 2012
Blue-rayed Limpet on Laminaria, Jersey

Blue-Rayed Limpet

It is easy to miss these little wonders.

Attached to Laminaria, the Blue-Rayed Limpet ( Helcion pellucidum) happily munches its way through the stem of the Laminaria which gradually weakens it until it breaks off. You often see the little indentations on the Kelp when the stems are washed up onto the beach.

Blue-Rayed Limpets grow up to 15mm and are almost always on Laminaria. It takes a bit of hunting to spot them. We spotted lots while out on our walk to the end of Jersey to Karame beacon and the Violet bank. This spot is only accessible on some of the very lowest tides.

With such bight colours I like to think of them as being dressed in their best outfits before heading off to party.

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