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Walks on the Seabed in 2018

January 15th, 2018

Guided walk dates to 30 September  2018 are now online. Walks to:

Seymour Tower

Icho Tower

Bioluminescence walks in Jersey

Two Towers

Walk to the end of Jersey (Karame beacon)

Moonwalks to Seymour Tower

Oyster Trails

Edible Seaweed Foraging

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Oysters in Jersey

November 30th, 2012
Travel gudies on Jersey Oysters

Oysters in Jersey by Susie Boulton

During the Summer freelance journalist and travel writer Susie Boulton joined us on one of our oyster trails to learn more about oysters and ormers in Jersey.

No luck finding any ormers but she had the chance to sample some delicious oysters.

Susie subsequently wrote up her experiences for Condor ferries on-board magazine.

Many thanks to Susie for supplying us with the article.

Seymour Tower and the Oyster beds. Photo blog by Rudolph Abraham

October 26th, 2012
Seymour tower guided walks in Jersey at sunset

Far better photographs are on Rudolph's blog!

From time to time we get visiting journalists, travel writers and professional photographers visiting Jersey who plan to write or produce photo articles about our walks on the seabed (also called Moonwalks).

Personally, I find the term “Moonwalk” misleading. It makes people think we either walk in the dark (possible and different- but you can miss a lot), or the area is barren and devoid of life.

The South east coastal Ramsar site of Jersey is a remarkable and diverse area which is full of surprises. I guess this is the reason I keep exploring the rocks, gullies and sand bars and have lived within yards of the beach for over 40 years. I even get seaweed landing in my garden and sometimes gather some Pepper Dulse to use when cooking.

Anyone who has been on our guided walks will realise just what a remarkable place this bit of ‘seabed’ is to explore with huge 12.5m tides and masses of different rock formations and marine life.

Just to add a bit extra there are Oyster beds and, better still, our ancestors built Seymour tower to give people a destination when walking in the area. Well not really, Seymour Tower was built as a coastal defence against French attack in 1782.

Rudolph Abraham, a professional photographer and award winning travel writer, has captured some of the feelings for this area in his excellent photo blog while attending the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild conference (OWPG) in Jersey. Take a look.

Derek Hairon

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