Jersey Walk Adventures

Sunrise at Seymour tower jerseyLow water fishing in JerseyPraire, Venus Verrucosa or clamHeading out to Seymour tower, Jerseyview from Icho tower looking north towards Seymour towerSeymour towerSnakelock anemoneAdventure holidays in jerseyExploring the sea shoreSunrise in JerseySeymour JerseyWalking on the seabedSand bar on a walk to Icho towerMoonwalks to Seymour towerIcho tower, Jersey round towerSandbars at icho towerView towards Little Seymour, JerseyRounded rocks at ichoSeymour tower. Moonwalks. Guided walks on the seabed in JerseySearching for the vraicing marks near Seymour tower. The letter PMint sauce wormSeymour tower. Built in 1782Sponge
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Safety Standards

Adventuremark quality standard badge for guided walks in jerseyRead about our team and their experience here.

Walks are to a ratio of one guide to fourteen walkers. At night one guide to ten walkers. This is to ensure your safety, maximise your enjoyment and reduce our environmental impact.

Large groups do not allow people to enjoy this unique wilderness.

All guides hold valid first aid certificates, satisfactory criminal record bureau Police checks and adhere to our child protection policies.

Our staff are local residents and have a considerable knowledge and experience of the area. Some have been low water fishing with their parents and families for many years.

On our seabed walks guides carry first aid packs, mobile phone, VHF marine radio, flares, map, compass, emergency shelter and navigation equipment.

We can supply a detailed risk assessment of the areas if requested.

As a responsible company we hold a specific outdoor activities liability insurance policy to cover all our activities. Copies can be supplied on request.

We comply with local laws, employment and tax legislation.

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