Jersey Walk Adventures

Sunrise at Seymour tower jerseyLow water fishing in JerseyPraire, Venus Verrucosa or clamHeading out to Seymour tower, Jerseyview from Icho tower looking north towards Seymour towerSeymour towerSnakelock anemoneAdventure holidays in jerseyExploring the sea shoreSunrise in JerseySeymour JerseyWalking on the seabedSand bar on a walk to Icho towerMoonwalks to Seymour towerIcho tower, Jersey round towerSandbars at icho towerView towards Little Seymour, JerseyRounded rocks at ichoSeymour tower. Moonwalks. Guided walks on the seabed in JerseySearching for the vraicing marks near Seymour tower. The letter PMint sauce wormSeymour tower. Built in 1782Sponge
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