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Schools/Youth groups

Special rates for schools and youth groups. The price depends on the numbers, times and learning outcomes. Contact us for a precise quote.

Walks can vary in duration to suit the needs of the young people and learning outcomes.

As a rough guide allow around 2 hours for a walk out to Seymour tower.

Marine and rock pool explorations can vary in length.


For a group of 12 plus young people £7 per child. Staff go free.

The exact number must be confirmed when you confirm the booking. We accept local authority orders, cheque and credit/debit cards.

Start times

The time of low water varies each day so start times will vary.

Departure points

This is agreed when booking. Often this is La Rocque harbour, Le Hocq or Green Island depending on which walk is booked. All have public toilets nearby. Other locations are possible for rock-pool explorations


All departure points are on the Route 1 bus service. Some groups find taking the bus a great way to develop learning. This also saves on minibus hire and is good for the environment. We can supply quotes for a minibus with driver

National Standards

As part of Jersey Kayak Adventures Ltd we are an Adventuremark and Learning outside the classroom (LOtC) quality badge holder.

The Adventuremark and Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Quality Badges offer both teachers and parents a guarantee of quality and the knowledge that appropriate safety standards are in place.

These standards also reduce red tape. Organisations displaying the badges demonstrate they meet national standards, so teachers do not have to carry out their own risk assessments that duplicates details provided by the Quality Badge Criteria.

The Jersey Outdoor Education Advisor recommends schools and youth groups look for the Adventuremark badge.


We need advance notification of any special needs/medical issues. A consent form is required to be signed by the parent/guardian of the child. Education department consents to undertake outdoor activities are accepted.

Leaders accompanying children must have contact details and copies of the consents with them.

Any medication that might be required should be taken on on the walk as we may be up to 1 mile from shore.


All our staff working with young people have undergone Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) Police checks, hold First Aid certificates and undergo regular staff training to operate in the area.

Group size

We operate to a ratio of 1 staff to 12 young people.

Walks with schools/youth groups

Group leader familiarisation

A site visit involves a walk to the tower or area to be explored with our staff and a member of staff in charge of the group. This enables site specific issues to be identified and is an opportunity to identify learning outcomes for the group.

School/Youth groups above 12 students

If a leader undertakes a site visit before the event larger groups can be taken working on a ratio of 1 staff to 12 students.

What to wear

It is often cooler as you head down the beach. Ensure children have clothing suitable for the weather conditions.

A change of clothing should be taken by each child in case they get wet. This can be kept in our van.

Waterproof/windproof top.

Hat for sunny or cooler days.

Footwear suitable for walking over uneven and sometimes slippery surfaces. Trainers are fine but they will get wet so spare footwear needs to be taken on the trip. No Flip-flops or Crocs.

Long sleeved top

Jogging pants (or similar)

Suncream. (min SPF 30)

Packed lunch. Keep food wrappings to a minimum. A lunch box is often ideal as it can be re-used (and used to carry back stones and shells).

Something to drink. To protect the environment use a cycle water bottle.

Role of the group leader in youth/school groups.

The group leader needs to be with the group

Leaders are responsible for supervising lunch breaks.

Weather conditions

It is sometimes necessary to cancel the activity if heavy rain or strong winds are forecast. Any change will be advised no later than 24 hours before the activity.

If we need to cancel due to weather an alternative date will be offered. In some cases it is possible to offer high ropes course activities at Creepy Valley for groups working to a fixed programme e.g. during school activity weeks.

Overnight stays in Seymour tower

We have undertaken overnight camps in Seymour tower. However this is limited to a maximum of 6 young people plus staff and guide.

It is often cooler as you head down the beach. Ensure children have clothing suitable for the weather conditions.

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