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Sunrise at Seymour tower jerseyLow water fishing in JerseyPraire, Venus Verrucosa or clamHeading out to Seymour tower, Jerseyview from Icho tower looking north towards Seymour towerSeymour towerSnakelock anemoneAdventure holidays in jerseyExploring the sea shoreSunrise in JerseySeymour JerseyWalking on the seabedSand bar on a walk to Icho towerMoonwalks to Seymour towerIcho tower, Jersey round towerSandbars at icho towerView towards Little Seymour, JerseyRounded rocks at ichoSeymour tower. Moonwalks. Guided walks on the seabed in JerseySearching for the vraicing marks near Seymour tower. The letter PMint sauce wormSeymour tower. Built in 1782Sponge
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Walk with local guides who share their knowledge and experience with you.

Walk with our experienced local guides

Walks on the seabed in Jersey.

Explore with local expert guides a beautiful marine world.

Advance booking is essential. Dates of all walks are listed below. Use the “Book online” link to check how many spaces are left. If a walk is fully booked, there is an option to register on a waiting list.

Additional walks for individuals and groups can sometimes be arranged. Contact us. Tel. 07797853033

A German commentary is possible if reserved in advance.

Prices start from £16 per adult (£8 under 18 years).

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Explore the seabed


Festival of the Tides 25 October – 2 November

During a week of exceptionally low tides join us to explore an island shaped by the sea.

Exciting walks and kayak tours will take you across rocky seabeds, through jungles of seaweed and into a marine aquarium. Explore a place where it feels as if someone has pulled out the plug for a few hours before the ocean rushes back to erase our footsteps. Discover more.

24 Thursday – Twinkle twinkle little star. Bioluminescence on the beach. 2045. Book online

25 Friday – Twinkle twinkle little star. Bioluminescence on the beach. 2145. Book online. Fully booked.

26 Saturday – Twinkle twinkle little star. Bioluminescence on the beach. 2245. Book online. Fully booked

27 Sunday – Seymour Tower. 1000. Book online. Fully booked.

27 Sunday – Wild vegetables of the Ocean. An introduction to foraging for seaweeds. 1030. Book online.

28 Monday – Karame Beacon. Walk to the end of Jersey on a very low tide. 1100. A good walking speed is required. Book online.

29 Tuesday – Seymour Tower and beyond. In search of the “P” marks 1100.

30 Wednesday – Icho Tower. 1215. Book online.

31 Thursday – Wild vegetables of the Ocean. An introduction to foraging for seaweeds. 1330. Book online.


Moonwalks and walks on the seabed in jersey. Hermit crab

Meet the locals. Hermit crab

2 Saturday – Seymour Tower. 1400. Book online.

9 Saturday – Seymour Tower. 0930. Book online.

10 Sunday- The Oyster Trail. 1230. Book online.

16 Saturday- Seymour Tower. 1300. Book online.

17 Sunday- Seymour Tower. 1330. Book online.

More dates will be uploaded.

Book online:

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Email us or call 07797853033 to book.

Private walks for individuals and groups on other dates can sometimes be arranged if the times of low tides permit.

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