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Walks on the Lowest Tides of the Year in Jersey

January 27th, 2014

Feb 1 Saturday- The Two Towers walk to Icho and Seymour Towers at 1200

Feb 2 Sunday- Walk to the end of Jersey. Karame Beacon 2 miles offshore at 1245. Join us on World Wetlands Day in the South east coastal Ramsar Wetlands site on the lowest tides of the year!

Below Us The Stars At Your Feet

May 28th, 2013
night walks in jersey.

Derek Hairon is your guide on our evening bioluminescence walks

Our evening guided walks on the seabed (Moonwalks) in Jersey feature in the latest edition of Absolute Jersey.

This short article captures the fantastic experience of discovering tiny glowing worms (Caulleriella bioculata and sometimes Anaitides maculata) which inhabit a few special spots around the coast of Jersey.

As we walk between the rocks which appear as the tide recedes we encounter these small worms. This really is like walking with the stars at your feet. Above us the stars and constellations can also be seen. On a still night both the glow of the worms and reflections of the stars create a magical experience.

Dates are listed on our Walking in Jersey Diary of walks. They take place all year round when the tides are low enough. Private walks on other dates can sometimes be arranged.

In 2017 we featured in The Guardian travel pages with a feature and some stunning photos of our bioluminescence walks.

Bioluminescence walk dates are listed via the Book Now button.

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Peat beds at St Ouen reappear

February 17th, 2013
Derek standing on the peat bed at St Ouen's Bay

The peat beds are located just below the steps at Le Port.

The peat beds in St Ouen’s Bay have reappeared following the huge swells and recent 12m tides.

The peat beds date from between 6073 – 5848 BC when what is now St Ouen’s beach was an area of freshwater marshland and fen that had been formed between the land and a coastal sand barrier.

Around 9400 years ago Dr. John Renouf  estimates sea levels were around 20m lower than today and the Atlantic Ocean would have been some kilometres west of what is now St Ouen’s beach. Go back even further to around 2 million years ago and sea levels around Jersey would have been between 100m lower and up to 30m higher than today as a result of the waxing and waning of the massive ice sheets during the ice ages.

peat bed st ouen jersey roots and trees can still be seen

Roots and remains of trees in the peat bed

As the sea levels rose so the area we now regard as the beach would have been inundated. The woodlands of oak, hazel and birch along with the peat deposits were buried beneath the sands and tides. What might once have been forest vanished beneath the waves.

The peat deposits at St Ouen are full of organic, loess-type soil similar to that you would find under an old pine forest. You can also see root systems and the bases of tree trunks. Species include oak, ash, hazel, elm and pine.

What is surprising is just how much erosion has taken place since the big swells last week. Usually the sand is close to the last upright of the railings on the steps. I expect that the next big storm will return the beach to a higher level.

It’s worth having a closer inspection of the peat beds. Keith found what looks like a small embedded flint chipping which was still sharp and a 1950 “Half Crown” laying in a shallow depression on the peat. Please don’t go digging into the peat as it is quite fragile.

A fascinating 1906 photograph by Joseph Sinelshows the ancient trunks and roots of trees visible in St Ouen’s Bay.

Peat and tree stumps at St Ouen

Joseph Sinel's early 1900's photo of the tree stumps and peat beds at St Ouen

More photos are on our Facebook page.









Derek Hairon

Half term activities in Jersey:Family walk towards Seymour Tower

October 27th, 2012

 30 Oct. Tuesday– Family walk to Seymour Tower. Suitable for families with young children. 1100. Call to book.

Fungi foray guided walks

October 23rd, 2012

Next foray in search of wild Mushrooms and Toadstools  in Jersey: Weds 31 October 1000-1230 is now fully booked. Details.  Spaces on Sunday 4 & 11 Nov. Hope to add an extra date so please call us.

Extra Seymour Walk:5 October at 3pm

October 4th, 2012

Guided walks in Jersey. Extra date added: Seymour Tower 5 Oct at 3pm.Bookings: 07797853033

Seymour tower on German TV

September 5th, 2012
filming our guided kayak tour to seymour tower,jersey

A lot of very expensive film gear on the water

We recently had a film crew over from NDR TV who filmed one of our sea kayak trips in Jersey to Seymour tower. This featured on Nordseereport on Sunday 26 August 2012.

The filming was fun as we had all the crew on kayaks.

We had just 24 hours notice as the crew had planned to film some board surfing…but there was no surf. Luckily we happened to have the key to Seymour Tower so the crew could get shots inside and views from the top of the tower.

Conditions were calm and the film crew were willing to do something different when the boat they were due to film from was unable to join us. They had a couple Go Pro cameras and lots of “Gaffer tape” to attach them to the kayaks. The crew seemed pretty relaxed about kayaking with lots of very expensive film gear on the kayaks.

Staying at Seymour Tower

fim crew at seymou tower

The sound crew

Seymour tower is about 1 mile offshore on the east coast of jersey and is surrounded by a maze of gullies which fill and empty very quickly. At times the rise can be up to 3” per minute with some fast currents. The area is therefore a place you should treat with respect whether you are exploring on foot or by kayak. If you do not have local knowledge go with a guide.

Guided walks to Seymour tower are sometimes called “Moonwalks to Seymour tower” due to the strange terrain. However, this description does not do justice to the range of marine life you can observe. It is certainly not a barren place.

Sea kayaking adventures in Jersey

The kayaking in Jersey film shows the trip from La Rocque harbour to Seymour tower. You can either kayak or walk over to stay overnight (with a guide) in Seymour tower. We organise both kayak and walking trips. If you kayak over it’s usually easier to get a booking because you can stay there when it is neap tides and not possible to walk over.

sea kayaks on the beach by Seymour tower jersey

View from Seymour tower

Though the TV programme is in German it’s pretty easy to follow with lots of great images.

The video also shows the interior of Seymour tower. This is handy for anyone wondering what the inside of Seymour tower is like when planning an overnight stay.

Watch: Sea kayaking in Jersey to Seymour tower.

Derek Hairon

Eco Gold for Jersey guided walks company

August 15th, 2012

GTBS Gold for guided walks in JerseyOur guided walks on the seabed are a superb way to experience the beauty of our coastline and observe wildlife. It is also an opportunity to raise awareness about the environment and Green issues.

As part of Jersey Kayak Adventures (our parent company) we gained the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) Gold award. Only five tourism related businesses in the Channel Islands reached the Gold standard and we have joined an elite few outdoor activity companies in the UK which hold this level of award.

The Green Tourism Business Scheme is the most successful environmental accreditation scheme for tourism businesses of its type in the world, with approximately 2,500 members in the UK. Originally developed in 1997, the scheme assesses tourism businesses across of a range of measures (including energy, waste, water, purchasing, transport, communication etc.) and three levels of award are available depending on progress: Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Supporting local Eco events

For a small company like ours meeting the Green Tourism Business Gold standards may seem like yet another distraction from the daily task of running a business. In a recession some might argue that Eco credentials are considered less important by consumers.

Yet, when we looked at customer feedback we discovered that Green awards gave us a competitive edge. Customers reported that Eco awards are a positive factor and encouraged them to book a guided walking tour in Jersey or a guided sea kayak tour with us.

We were assessed on a range of environmental indicators and customer service.

Some of our key areas were:

  • A discount is offered to clients if they use public transport, cycle or walk to launching points.
  • Staff and clients are encouraged to pick up discarded and old bits of fishing gear.
  • We play an active part in monitoring the intertidal area off the south east coast and keep the Environment section informed of developments and activities in the area.
  • Involvement in school Eco/Green days.
  • Member of the Sustainable business forum and marine biology section of the Société Jersiaise.
  • A high level of knowledge and information about the marine environment and local history.
Guide leading walk in jersey

Jersey Tourism trained guides lead all walks

The business is very green and low impact. Director, Derek Hairon and his team are well qualified with a high environmental awareness, good networking, and a strong green marketing profile. The business has excellent green information for customers, including the website, along with good educational aspects on sustainability and community involvement/support. There is also a strong support of local heritage and culture.” Said GTBS assessor Paul Jeffries.

When staff are knowledgeable and enthused they are more likely to work well, and customers appreciate staff knowledge. During 2012 we enrolled staff in the Jersey Tourism Bronze Badge tour guide award to ensure they have an in-depth knowledge of the history of Jersey.

To ensure quality standards we also undergo annual inspection by Adventuremark to ensure we meet UK national standards in the outdoor activity industry.

Walking in Jersey.Seymour tower walk.Extra date

July 29th, 2012

Sunday 5 August 1430 to Seymour Tower.Guided walks on the seabed in Jersey.

Call 07797853033 to book. Details

The speed the tide rises in Jersey

July 20th, 2012
Little seymour and the rising tides

Gullies filling

Today I pushed the limits as I walked back from Seymour Tower on a 10.67m tide 2.5 hours after low water.

In places it was a wade. This showed how fast the tide rises around the coast of Jersey.

Imagine crossing a fast flowing river. That is what the tide streams felt like as i waded across the gullies to shore.

It is fun if you understand the tides and currents in this area as the streams will eventually push you towards the shore.

For anyone who does not know this it’s a frightening experience. It was useful to be able to describe what it feels like to clients on our guided walks in Jersey. On a warm day the water was quite warm.

Safety tower at La Rocque and gullies filling on a 10m tide

The tide rushes in. View looking towards the safety tower

If you know what you are doing it can be fun and is great to swim the gullies. Otherwise it is a good reason to go with a guide so yo do not end up swimming…

Filmed on my Cannon camera after I reached the shore. Next time I might try floating with the streams.

Derek Hairon





The speed the tide rises in Jersey from Jersey Walk Adventures on Vimeo.

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